March 29, 2021

Y’all are too much. It’s late. I just had to come on and say hi. Sing in my fucking kitchen and y’all get weird. I would say maybe it’s me, but no. That’s not me. I wish I could live in those moments. If that makes sense. Things feel so good, so open. But here we are, in the real world. It sucks, don’t get me twisted. I do not like where we are, how we are. Choices were made and now we’re here. So since you’re there, I came to say hi. Now I’m going to bed. I hope you get some good rest. I hope I get some good rest. I’ve got a long ass day tomorrow. I mean I work from home so it’s not that bad, but it’s a long time to sit at a computer. Laying in bed is totally different. That I could do all day. Shitting in a chair working with details all day. But whatever. I’m bitching and I don’t even know why. I don’t dislike my job. I enjoy my job and the people I work with. Ah. Okay. I’m done. Good night. Rest well. ❤️✌️